Poverty Truth

We live in a society where there are burning injustices. Our current systems are just not working and don’t support people when they are struggling. Wealth is not evenly spread across the BCP area, and significant inequalities and pockets of deprivation exist where poverty is an acute problem for many.

A Poverty Truth Commission (PTC) is an invitation to become part of the solution. It aims to challenge the status quo and is led by those who have direct experience of poverty (Community Commissioners). To understand how a PTC works you can watch this four minute video from the Poverty Truth Network. There are Poverty Truth Commissions up and down the whole of the UK; we are proud to be part of something much bigger – a movement that is seeking to challenge poverty in a different way. More information can be found on the Poverty Truth Network website.

Community Commissioners

From January 2022 we are seeking up to 20 individuals from Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole who have experience of struggling against poverty and are willing to share their stories and become part of the Commission process (usually over 18 months). Time will be spent getting to know one another, listening and learning from each other, building confidence and working towards discovering ways of making practical changes for the better. It will enable Commissioners to find their voice and be heard in a safe supported space, along with others who are struggling against poverty.

Civic & Business Commissioners

The Community Commissioners then invite up to 20 local leaders and people in positions of power (Civic & Business Commissioners) to join them to set up a Poverty Truth Commission. Which leaders are invited depends on the key issues identified by the Community Commissioners. Together the Community and Civic Commissioners will explore and address the persistent problems of poverty, unlock creative solutions and bring about deep culture change.

Hosted By

The Poverty Truth Commission for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole is being hosted by Courage to Thrive CIC, a Poole-based social enterprise designed to unlock thriving with individuals, teams and communities in the local area.